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We help you create a documented Product Plan to help you define your digital product
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So, you have an idea for a super new mobile app but are unsure what to do next. Maybe you need to bring some clarity to your vision or would like to test your idea before starting to get your app built. It is a really good idea to get a properly documented application product plan in place. 

Disruptive technologies, dynamic markets and nimble competitors leave little margin for error. Successful product planning requires target customer identification, addressable market sizing, actionable competitive intelligence and customer-centric roadmaps. 

Product planning is the first step in the digital product management process. It's essential for businesses to spend enough time in the planning stage and go into enough depth to make sure they are set up for success.

Product planning is the first step in the digital product management process. It's essential for businesses to spend enough time in the planning stage and go into enough depth to make sure they are set up for success.

A documented digital product plan will give you all the tools you need to make a well-researched product that people will love to use. It will help you create immediate value, but it will also help expand the limits of your business in the future so you can continue to create value for your customers.  

When we work with clients here at Appify, we always develop a digital product plan. It’s essential because it helps the client launch the product while minimising risk, achieve product-market fit, and sustain the growth of your product.


1. Defines what the app will do and for who

2. Establishes the core value proposition of the app idea so that the launch version will deliver the best user value possible

3. Provides the technical documentation required to properly estimate the build cost of the mobile application and associated admin platforms

4. Eliminates wasted time and spend on low value or unnecessary features in the app

5. Facilitates future-proofing the technology plan for growth and scalability

6. Provides credible technical documentation that will assist with raising finance for the app project

Digital product planning is the first thing you need to do to get your product established within the digital ecosystem. At Appify, we are ready to share our knowledge and experience on this issue.   

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We can facilitate customised planning programs tailored to clients’ needs. However, our standard package is tried and trusted and works extremely well in most circumstances. This is how it works…

1. Appify’s Head of Product & Innovation runs the program

2. He facilitates an introductory discovery call in order to understand the basic concept, gather any existing information and prepare the client for a Product Planning Workshop

3. Based upon the information gathered during initial discovery, we prepare custom versions of our product planning workbooks, tools and canvases

4. We conduct a half day planning workshop, involving key stakeholders, to work through an array of planning tools

5. We identify the key value proposition, target user groups, required functions of the application, the core feature set for an MVP and any major project inhibitors.

6. Following the workshop, we produce a documented Product Plan and a wireframed representation of the proposed mobile app for delivery to the client. 




  • Mobile App Design, UI/UX Planning
  • User Persona Planning
  • Mobile App Prototype development
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Appify delivered a gamified platform that achieved its initial objective by gathering a notable amount of consumer information that exceeds projections. Their communication and management capabilities led to seamless collaboration. They adapted to changes in requirements throughout the project.

Connor McDermott - ITG
Connor McDermott
Digital Delivery Manager at ITG
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Even if there was any business advice we wanted or anything from their experience on how things should look, how they should work, and what kind of functionality we should go for, they held our hand through the journey.

Tejus Patel - RecoverMe
Tejus Patel
Co-Founder at Mental Health Org.
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Appify proved to be avaluable resource. They were friendly and professional and a pleasure to workwith. I look forward to working with them on some our future products.

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Chris Debellotte
Chief Architect at
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