App Maintenance and Servicing

We deliver customized mobile app maintenance services that accomplish all your mobility needs, increases app productivity, and result in higher app ROI.
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When your customer-facing apps aren't performing optimally, it can be a disaster for your business. At Appify, we do not leave your hands once you are provided with your new mobile app.

We offer convenient, on-demand app maintenance and servicing using proven methodologies to keep your apps running and driving revenue. This includes technology consulting, security audit, server management, OS versions update, application licenses check, etc.

To be sure that your app performs always optimally, we offer continuous app performance monitoring using integrated management tools and at the same time we make it possible for the client to report any app performance issues via the online Appify Service Desk.

We also do regular advanced compatibility testing with a view to ensuring that your apps remain operative and optimised for implementation of new OS version releases on iOS, Android and Windows.  

Debugging, Sustaining, and Re-scaling Your Apps

Appify’s expert developers help you organize, track, and schedule your app maintenance activities to ensure your app remains competitive, robust and secure.

App Maintenance

Appify’s expert developers help you organize, track, and schedule your app maintenance activities to ensure your app remains competitive, robust and secure.

Application Re-engineering

In addition to typical application maintenance and development services, we provide full-time maintenance, monitoring, and support services for time-sensitive apps with scheduled maintenance services.

Web Application Maintenance

Our developers provide web application maintenance solutions, including testing and debugging, customization of applications, updating security measures, database maintenance, productivity analysis, and real-time monitoring.

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Our App Maintenance and Support Services

Based on your needs and budget, Appify can provide continuous coverage for application maintenance.

Our areas of expertise include:

· Error Tracking & Debugging

· Version Upgrades

· Version Enhancements

· Technical Troubleshooting

· Performance Monitoring

· Performance Testing

· Quality Assurance Testing 

Our App Maintenance

Appify offers three standard packages for app servicing and maintenance. These packages offer the same features but are differentiated in terms of your required servicing hours.
Platinum Level
Gold Level
Silver Level
Continuous app performance monitoring
Access to the  online Appify Service Desk
Contracted  response times and fix objectives
Advance  compatibility testing
Servicing Hours
24 / 7
08.00 - 20.00 Monday to Saturday (UK time)
09.00 - 17.00 Monday to Friday (UK time)
£ 3,850 /m
£ 1,750 /m
£ 850 /m

Why Choose an Appify Service Level Agreement


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Appify delivered a gamified platform that achieved its initial objective by gathering a notable amount of consumer information that exceeds projections. Their communication and management capabilities led to seamless collaboration. They adapted to changes in requirements throughout the project.

Connor McDermott - ITG
Connor McDermott
Digital Delivery Manager at ITG
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Even if there was any business advice we wanted or anything from their experience on how things should look, how they should work, and what kind of functionality we should go for, they held our hand through the journey.

Tejus Patel - RecoverMe
Tejus Patel
Co-Founder at Mental Health Org.
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Appify proved to be avaluable resource. They were friendly and professional and a pleasure to workwith. I look forward to working with them on some our future products.

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Chris Debellotte
Chief Architect at
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