Beacon in Retail: The New Shopping Experience

Beacon in Retail: The New Shopping Experience

Walking into your favourite local shop, you feel that distinctive short vibration in your pocket. 10 years ago, you knew it was either a text message or an email. But today, it just might just be a special offer, customized for you, for something special inside!

It goes without saying that a huge number of us manage our lives through our smartphones and this is something modern retailers are trying to leverage. Proximity marketing is one of the best forms of communication that has been facilitated by mobile technology. Large retail has been exploring the deployment of proximity marketing and beacon technology for some time. Now the technology is accessible to medium and small retailers too.

What is Beacon and How Does It Work

If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that nobody wants to be bombarded with emails and messages with invitations to buy products at all hours of the day. The general public is sensitive to spam and will not think twice about closing communication channels with brands that it perceives as excessively intrusive.

Beacons are small, battery-operated wireless devices that transmit low energy Bluetooth signals to nearby smartphones, so it reaches only users who are actually located near the shop. It is also possible to further personalize the communication by sending different messages according to the location of each customer.

Beacon in retail

For example, those who pass by the store can receive a message inviting them to enter, providing information on the most interesting offers of the day. Those who are already in store can receive more specific communications, providing information on products in the immediate vicinity, and inviting feedback and interaction with the retailer both directly and via social media. In this way it’s possible to collect valuable data on the reactions of the public to any initiative, from the reorganization of space to the management of special offers.

How Beacon Technology Benefits Retailers

There are several benefits retailers can experience by adopting beacon technology.

Advertising Tool

Today, shoppers expect more relevant messaging than that facilitated by traditional advertising channels. With beacon technology this becomes possible. Proximity marketing makes it possible to market shoppers at the right time and in the right place.

The Power of Personalization

With beacon technology it’s possible to personalize messages based on a customer’s previous purchases or the user’s taste. Everything from coupons, deals, and product recommendations can be tailored to individual customer preferences and shopping habits. This helps develop long-term customer loyalty and create a more engaging shopping experience as well.

Accessing Data

Knowing your target customer is the first, fundamental step to produce effective and targeted communication. Tracking shopping habits and preferences allows retailers to access insightful consumer data.

For example, retailers can analyze what day of the week and time of day shoppers are more likely to download and use certain coupons. From there, they can take a look at other connecting points, such as what other items are purchased on the same shopping trip.

Increase in Mobile App Use

With beacon-triggered notifications retailers can increase interest in using their app. By leveraging beacon technology, apps can become even more useful and engaging tools for shoppers.

How To Start Using Beacons

Now that you’ve discovered the possibilities beacon technology can offer your retail business, you likely want to know how to get started.

Basically, you need 2 things to start – Beacons and a customized Mobile App.

Beacon - mobile app development

After you’ve set up your in-store beacon technology, you’ll want to inform customers, encouraging them to download your store’s mobile app for special deals and discounts. Accomplish this with signage around your store, emails to your subscribers, and/or a social media campaign to explain the benefits to current and potential customers.

Beacon technology has the potential to revolutionize customer communications for retailers. While shoppers can enjoy more engaging, seamless, and personalized experiences, retailers can get insights about their consumers, ultimately making it easier to achieve a number of business goals using a single piece of technology.

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