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Brighton & Hove C-card

Brighton & Hove C-card

Brighton & Hove C-card

The Brighton & Hove Mobile C-Card is a mobile application which aims to help 16-24 year olds to get access to free condom and lube packs and get information on sexual health. They can use the app to find the nearest pick up points using the map feature and avoid the personal consultation by filling out the in-app test.


Frontend development

Backend development

UI/UX design

Project management


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  • Healthcare
  • UK
  • 2021

Business Challenge

The Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group is one of the regional Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in the UK. One of their missions is to encourage and promote safe sex and good sexual health with a specific focus on young people between 16 and 24 years.

Brighton & Hove had already offered Sexual Health & Contraception Services through a free condom scheme that gives young people access to condoms. Their goals in developing a mobile app were to offer their clients frictionless access to services, reduce workload by bypassing the need for in-person clinical appointments, grow their services uptake and to build intelligence regarding their services delivery. The Brighton and Hove C-card makes it easier for young people to collect free condom in a pick-up point and get information on sexual health.

Our Approach

Brighton & Hove and Appify worked towards a digital solution that delivers intuitive front end design, easy user onboarding and access to services. We developed an app that allows users over 16 to download a digital card without seeing a professional. Over-16s can watch videos with educational information about using condoms and take tests to satisfy that they have sufficient knowledge to practice safe sex. Once the user has passed the tests, they can check the locations of distribution points and access services using QR codes.

We also helped Brighton & Hove to modernise their data collection. Instead of the traditional paper-based data collection, which had to be processed and analysed manually, we enabled them with an automated solution. All user data is automatically uploaded to the backend website where the client can monitor in real time the number of condom packs given out, by whom, and to whom. This helps greatly with macro behaviour analysis of the entire user group and also with logistical planning such as stock management by location.

Customer Outcome

In the first 5 months after the soft launch of the mobile app, it was downloaded by 1,300 users without any promotion. As users over 16 now don’t need to book in-person consultations to access condoms, the amount of staff interaction with youths required services and the associated levels of staff training, has dropped dramatically.

The app has also reduced paper costs, eliminating the need for paper cards, monitoring forms, and postage. There has been a significant reduction in time for data recording, collection, and inputting thanks to the automatic data collection.

Team working on the project

1 UI/UX Designer

1 Frontend Developer

1 Backend Developer

1 Q/A Engineer

1 Project Manager

Project length

32 weeks


“Appify really takes the time to listen to what we need. The background and reason for the app is my area of expertise, and I appreciate that they understand what we need and why and have come up with creative solutions. They also made tweaks to the data collection to ask for demographic data. Overall, they’ve been really responsive to how the project has evolved.”‍

Georgina Yeo

NHS Health Promotion Team Lead


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