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With JANT, you can connect with drivers ready to make your delivery today, eliminating the wait and frustration of unreliable services. Enjoy the convenience of real-time tracking, allowing you to monitor your delivery's progress and get on with your day. For businesses, JANT offers flexible delivery solutions that adapt to your varying needs, helping you manage inventory and reduce storage costs by ensuring your products reach customers the same day. Experience the efficiency and reliability of JANT for all your delivery needs.


UI/UX design

React-native development

Frontend web development

Backend development

Project management



App Store / Google Play submissions

Product Advisory

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  • Logistics, transportation
  • Ireland
  • Tech entrepreneur start-up

Business Challenge

JANT was envisioned as a platform to streamline the connection between customers and delivery drivers, transforming the way deliveries are managed for individuals and businesses alike. The client, a tech start-up, sought to create an efficient and user-friendly solution that simplifies delivery requests, provides real-time tracking, and ensures reliable service. Our objective was to address several critical app development challenges:

  • User engagement: The app needed to be intuitive and attractive to encourage regular use.
  • Seamless onboarding: A smooth onboarding process was crucial for quick user adoption.
  • Efficient interactions: The app had to enable straightforward delivery requests and real-time updates.
  • Smooth payment processing.

Our goal was to develop a sleek and effective delivery platform for both iOS and Android, connecting users with available drivers and enhancing the overall delivery experience.

App development through collaboration

We partnered closely with the client to design and prototype the initial app versions. Given the unique needs of users and drivers, we created two separate apps: one for customers to request deliveries and another for drivers to receive and manage delivery requests. An admin dashboard was also created, for the client to manage both user types: drivers and customers.

Throughout the development process, we carefully analysed the user journey together with the client, offering insights from our experience. This collaborative effort allowed us to refine the design and functionality of both apps, resulting in high-quality final products.

To support both iOS and Android platforms, we selected React Native as the optimal cross-platform solution, which allowed us to significantly cut down on both development time and costs. Additionally, we integrated Stripe for secure and direct payments, thus ensuring a smooth transaction process.

Our team's technical expertise and collaborative approach with the client enabled us to transform their vision into functional and polished apps, ready for launch on the App Store and Google Play.

From concept to launch: The development journey of JANT

Our Journey with the client began at the ideation stage of JANT, and we supported them through every phase leading up to the app’s launch.

Working closely with the client, we designed and prototyped the app, and then conducted User testing to gather quality feedback. 

Through a continuous process of improvement, we aimed to help the client gather early user insights and plan for future enhancements. 

Our team’s involvement in every step of the development journey ensured the successful launch of JANT, providing the technical expertise and support needed for long-term success.

The team behind the JANT app development

Project Manager

UI/UX Designer

Frontend React Native developer

Frontend web development

Backend developer

Database architect

QA / Testing engineer

"They (Appify Digital) were friendly, professional, and efficient. All functionalities of the app run perfectly and the look of the app is exactly the user-friendly, simple design that was requested.”

Noel Hanrahan

Director of JANT

Driver app:

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