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Build your mental health support Bubble. Become more connected with your family. Find out when someone you love is feeling down - and learn how to spot when they need more support. MyBubble makes it easier to get help at the times when it’s hardest to ask.


Frontend development

Backend development

Project management

UI/UX design



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  • Healthcare
  • UK, International
  • 2021

Business Challenge

MyBubble, a mental health support application, is designed to empower people to address mental health through discussion and connection. 

Committed to helping people recognise if someone in their bubble needs support, MyBubble were looking to…

  • improve the designs and sketches that they put together, incorporating features and functionality such as user accounts, push notifications, and an administrator backend portal
  • transform the reworked sketches into proposed UI/UX
  • build a prototype based upon agreed UI/UX
  • amend the prototype based upon stakeholder feedback and to transform this design into an eye catching and user friendly mobile app.

MyBubble is a start-up enterprise and required pragmatic solutions to cost and delivery whilst always remaining 100% committed to producing an excellent mobile product for its user audience. That necessitated some ‘above and beyond’ from the Appify team.

Our Approach

MyBubble needs to be an accessible and easy to use tool in order to support users' mental wellbeing in a meaningful way. To deliver maximum utility to users, it has to offer frictionless user interaction where daily engagement is facilitated in an unobtrusive manner. 

In partnership with our client, we designed and prototyped a concept version of the mobile application. We released this to our client in an AdobeXD version to facilitate sharing across various test user groups for feedback.

Our client, having processed the test user feedback, requested some tweaking of the UI, the UX and the functionality set.

Using the Flutter framework, Appify’s mobile experts were then able to create an app  that brought our client’s vision to life. Using one codebase for both Android and iOS, we cut the development time and save cost significantly.

Customer Outcome

With this new application, MyBubble users can journal their mood and track what influences their wellbeing. They can explore their mental health day by day, and understand how the different times of day or their activities influence their mood trends. MyBubble allows users to invite any family or trusted friends into their Bubble, share their mood status and seek support in case of need.

MyBubble was launched at the end of December 2021. In only 2 months, the app has been downloaded over 11,000 times internationally and it holds a 5-star rating on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It has also been adopted by one of the world’s largest companies as a mental health wellbeing aid for their global.staff.

Team working on the project

1 Full-stack Developer

1 Frontend Flutter Developer

1 Backend Developers

1 Project Manager

1 QA / Test Engineer

Project length

16 weeks

“What impressed me most was their willingness to try new things that could improve the App further or make functions more efficient for the users. It genuinely felt like they cared about the application and wanted to find the very best ways of making it a success... I honestly couldn't picture the App being a higher quality.”‍

Qasim Armstrong

Founder of MyBubble

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