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Start sharing your recommendations and link with people with the same interests. Browse REC’d and save the new content to enjoy later, or connect with friends and family to receive recommendations from the people who know you best!


UI/UX design

Frontend development

API Development

Project management



App Store / Google Play submissions

Product Advisory

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  • Entertainment
  • USA (California)
  • Tech Entrepreneur start-up

Business Challenge

REC’d was designed as a social media app that aims to revolutionize the way users connect with their friends, family, and contacts by sharing their favorite movies, books, TV series, and other content recommendations. The client, a tech start-up, approached us with a vision of creating a seamless platform, simplifying the sharing of those recommendations, while also enhancing social interactions, and enabling users to connect with like-minded individuals.

To facilitate the transition of a real-life scenario into a digital experience, we had to tackle several app development challenges:

  • Engaging users: The app had to be user-friendly to encourage frequent utilization.
  • Easy onboarding: Intuitive onboarding was essential for new users to get started quickly.
  • Simple interactions: The app needed to facilitate easy interaction and sharing of recommendations.

Our mission was to create a slick and engaging social media application, for both iOS and Android, that connects people with the same taste in media and enhances their social experience.

App Development Through Collaboration

Creating a social media app that stands out as REC'd, requires a seamless user experience that fosters engagement and growth. Our team collaborated closely with the client to design and prototype the initial version of the app. We analyzed the user journey throughout the app development process, and utilized various planning models, such as Gemba analysis, to simplify it and enhance the app's intuitiveness. Through collaborative refinement, we further improved the app's design and functionality, delivering a high-quality product.

The app development was planned both for iOS and Android, so we picked Flutter as the best solution for this project. By choosing a cross-platform solution, we significantly reduced both the time and money needed to create REC’d.

Our team's technical expertise, combined with our close collaboration with the client, enabled us to bring their vision to life and the App and Google Play Stores.

From Idea to Launch: The Product Journey of REC'd

Our involvement in the product journey began with the client coming to us with their idea for REC'd and we continue to guide them all the way to the application release.

We worked closely with the client to design and prototype the initial version of the app, which underwent Beta testing to gather user feedback. Based on this feedback, we made further modifications to the app, which were incorporated into the general release of Version 1 in April 2023.

Through an iterative process of continuous improvement, we set out to help the client gather initial user intelligence and plan a fast-follow Version 2 for Summer 2023. 

Our team has been involved in every step of the app development journey, providing technical expertise and support to ensure the successful launch and ongoing development of the app.

The Team Behind REC'd App Development

Project Manager

UI/UX Designer

Front-end Flutter Developer

Database Architect

QA / Testing Engineer

"Karl and his team at Appify have been absolutely wonderful to work with. They understood our product mission, quickly developed a well thought out design and began coding right away. We have worked collaboratively to develop, test and prepare an MVP for the market.  I would highly recommend Appify."

Kathy Cardozo


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