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TrainedIn is a leading edge directory, matching and booking engine for the training and related services industries. Training and Education service providers create profiles and promote courses, services, webinars and events. Corporate and private entities can search for appropriate trainers, consultants, courses, content and events for their training, education and development needs. The system facilitates inquiries, reservations, bookings, payments and calendars. TrainedIn is a web based application and is available globally.


Backend development

Frontend development

UI/UX design

Project management

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  • UK, Ireland
  • 2019

Project Overview

TrainedIn is an online platform that attracts and hosts trainers from all industries. No matter whether an individual is looking for assistance in writing a business plan, health and fitness guidance or executive development coaching, they can find experts through the TrainedIn platform.

TrainedIn provides free access to showcase individual trainers and consultants and it’s home to providers across numerous fields, including adult training, business and life coaching, digital marketing, art and craft, personal development, first aid, fire safety, health and nutrition and much more.

TrainedIn contacted us to develop their web application that allows users to:

  • Upload and manage online, in-house or location based courses
  • Browse and book a course or training
  • Advertise and market courses
  • Manage applications and payments (for TrainedIn administrators)

Their requirement was a fully functional frontend and backend web application development for multiple users - businesses (coaches, mentors, trainers etc.) and final users - with integrated payment gateway.

During the first phase, in the MPV stage, we developed the necessary features to satisfy early customers and to gather feedback from the platform users.

Project Duration: 16 weeks

Wireframes and user journeys

As we had to develop the same web app for 3 different user groups, we needed a better understanding of the user flows to design the wireframes and code the application accordingly. 

End users

The first group of users consists of people wanting to learn a new skill or master an existing one. Their journey usually begins with a search for a training service. They can browse without having to register to the platform but an active user account is required to book any course or request a quote.

Training providers

They use the platform to run private or public, online or in-house courses. This group was the most difficult to manage. Before publishing a course they have to fill out the registration form and get approved manually by a TrainedIn administrator. After the approval, they can post a course, or edit a course uploaded previously. The TrainedIn platform also allows a limited number of companies to advertise and market their courses and services for which we had to create a rotation system on the left column of the page.

TrainedIn administrators

This group of users has the responsibility to manage and approve user accounts, handle payments from end users to providers and help users in case of need, resolving problems in the backend.


Together, we delivered a website that portrays TrainedIn as a credible and trustworthy online marketplace for booking online and in-house courses and trainings for business and leisure. With our industry expertise, world-class team, and refined agile development and design thinking processes, we were able to go above and beyond TrainedIn’s expectations. 

The launch of the website was an essential part of the startup business. After all the research, design and web development, we produced them a custom website that they have full control over and can grow with.

Key features included:

  • Create a profile and edit it later
  • Publish a course and edit the details on the event’s page
  • Search trainers, see their profiles and find the best course
  • Book a training and make a payment on the platform

TrainedIn web app for all devices
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