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W2W is a work productivity, tracking and billing app. It allows businesses to engage with self-employed contractors, track their worked hours and review their invoices. The self-employed contractors can use templates to generate invoices, record mileage and claim expenses and allowances. This is a cross platform mobile application that needed to be merged with the client’s pre-existing databases. The app was launched in Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Russia in January 2021.


Android development

Frontend development

iOS development

Project management

UI/UX design

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Project Overview

Working from home or as a freelancer, you may need intuitive organising tools to be more productive. They help individuals to focus on their skills without thinking of the invoicing or other paperwork.

Appify was chosen as the digital partner of Way2Work, designing and developing their mobile app. Way2Work is a productivity tool designed to make it easy to manage time spent on different projects and create invoices for clients. Their goal was to provide users with an easy and reliable service to keep track and bill for their work simultaneously.

We were tasked with the role of developing a cross platform application. The experienced UI/UX design team & mobile app developers were in close collaboration with the client to understand the business objectives & client’s requirements.

Project Duration: 18 weeks

UX / UI Design

We followed a user-centered design process with a focus on qualitative data collection and analysis to extract rich design insights. The design team created a clean and intuitive interface proven useful by a test group.

During the ideation stage, every meeting with the developers included a discussion of the proposed user flows and design ideas. When it was time to turn our paper prototypes into digital mockups, the first things that we started working on were the different functionalities.

To keep the app functionality simple while incorporating multiple features & modules was always challenging. We had to take care of a lot of things to make them work together to serve the user needs.

Way2Work app profile screen


Using the Agile Methodology the team followed through all iterations in the scheduled time. This methodology relies on incremental development, and promotes effective communication between the team members and the client. Applying the method of “sizing“, the team broke down the whole project into manageable tasks, including setting up the website architecture, managing content creation with the client and setting up for the deployment of the website, among other tasks.

We developed the user profile which works as a dashboard where all the functionalities can be managed. Users can see their time spent on work, the invoices sent to clients and invites to work all in one place. 

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